What people are saying about our Stain Kit...

"Eva Longoria-Parker was so thrilled with the Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit that she provided them as goody-bag gifts to her guests during her wedding weekend."

- EliteTraveler.com

"Mahdessian is about to bring a single-use stain kit to market that will treat virtually every stain type possible."

- Racked.com

"No more crying over spilled Shiraz! Madame Paulette, the New York City couture dry cleaner trusted by fashion's biggest names(Versace, Vera Wang, Louis Vuitton - and Madonna) has created a purse-size stain-removal kit that gets rid of everything from latte to lipstick"

- Marie Claire

"Love the Stain Removal Kit...it's a lifesaver for any busy professional"

- Vanity Fair

"We feature a terrific stain remover kit made by Madame Paulette that you can use to treat spots on the spot"

- Martha Stewart Weddings

"Once you get your little black kit, keep it ready. 'Time' says Mahdessian, ' one of the most important factor in successful stain removal.' "

- InStyle

"Now you can clean up with owner John Mahdessian’s Madame Paulette Professional Stain Removal Kit, designed to lift off everything from blue cheese dressing to red wine."

- The Oprah Magazine